5 November


Conference « Business with Taste».




  • Integration of spa and wellness business in hospitality industry.
  • Personal effectiveness of a leader as a key to success.
  • From concept to start-up: risks and illusions Project management and supervision.
  • Structure of investments and operational budget at different stages of a project.
  • Planning business in spa and wellness industry. How to make up a realistis business plan.
  • New job descriptions in view of current consumers’ trends.
  • Managing a facility in digital era. New opportunities and formats.
  • 2019 Marketing trends for  spa and wellness.
  • Key profitability indicators  for a modern wellness facility.




6 November


Round table discussion for investors: «Risks of choice and typical mistakes in the process of creating a spa or wellness facility».


Workshops by leading experts.

7 November


Hall 1:


Practical conference  «Day Spa: best world practices».




  • How can a  single day spa  survive in the constantly developing market.
  • Customer Journey Map as an instrument of client-oriented service.
  • Means of  clients’ segmentation  and  customized approach to service.
  • IT-technologies in a salon: giving up routine  work and raise  staff effectiveness.
  • Aesthetics or medicine? Dilemma for a modern Day Spa.


Presentations by Perfect Spa Awards finalists and open tournament, Day Spa category.


Hall 2 :


Practical conference: «Hotel/Resort Spa. Integration and development».




  • Role of  spa manager at the stage of project development and start-up of a hotel spa.
  • Key Performance Indicators for a hotel/resort spa.
  • Effective retail strategies to raise a hotel  spa profitability.
  • How to form relationship with a supplier or distributor: mistakes and lost opprtunities.
  • Instruments of active sales of spa treatments  for hotel guests in a resort spa.
  • Healthy eating as an added value  of a hotel/resort. How can spa help.


Presentations by Perfect Spa Awards finalists and open tournament, Hotel/Resort Spa category.


Hall 3 :


Practical conference: «Medical Spa. New trends and prospects»




  • Aesthetic medicine instruments applied to spa industry.
  • How can a doctor assist in making up  and marketing spa packages.
  • Modern diagnostics : another source of  profit or a risk of losing clients.
  • Combining medical treatments and alternative practices.
  • Scientific evidence and effectiveness of detoxification programs.


Presentations by Perfect Spa Awards finalists and open tournament, Medical Spa category.


8 November


Scientific conference : «To prevent ageing: modern methods and  strategies by world scientists» (topics  and speakers will be specified later)


Traditionally, in the end of the fourth congress day, we invite you to the Gala Dinner.