3 November

Conference “Business for Millenials”


Presentation by Keynote speaker
Panel session #1 : The future of spa and Wellness Industry”
Panel session #2 : Innovative business strategies
Panel Session #3 : Franchising business for the industry of spa and wellness.

Conference “Business with Millenials”

Presentation by Keynote speaker
Panel session #4 : “Millenials as staff members: risks and opportunities”
Panel session # 5: “Staff loyalty. Legal aspects of staff managemet.”
Panel session #6 : “Innovative methods of education and training”

Panel discussion : “Business consultancy: competence and responsibility”.

4 November

Scientific conference “Active longevity in 21th century. Preventive medicine for spa and wellness”


Key topics:
“Genetic tests and genetic passports for wellness adepts”
“Safe neurotransmitters providing functionality (brain, skin, joints). Application in beauty
“Holistic approach to anti-ageing. Better living criteria”
“Somnology programs in spa and wellness centers”
“Aromatherapy as an effective anti-age method in a spa”

Scientific conference “Integrative medicine: conventional and alternatie methods”

Key topics:
« Ayurvedic anti-age technologies adaptable to spa environments.
«Body oriented psychotherapies as modern wellness offers».
«Aroma-testing and aroma-diagnostics — a universal instrument for personalized spa packages”
“Alimentary disorders and spa cuisine”

5 November



«Creating your USP» -D.Zavrazhny workshop

“Wellness design” workshop by Spa Development Group

“Psychology of Sound”- vocal therapy training by A.Danilov

«Music therapy in Ayurveda. Mantras to harminize doshas»- master class

«Aromatesting and aromadiagnostics» — practical demonstration of signature methods by «IRIS Aromatherapy Center»

«Neuroeducator methods»- master class by I.Tursiene

«Anti-age for our brain. Cognitive protection methodology» — training by Prof. K.Proschaev(

6 November

«Perfect Reception» and «Perfect Spa Cuisine» final competitions.

Perfect Spa 2018 Awards Ceremony.

Gala dinner.